Views on the Sabbath


The bride of the seven, forever adorned, 

A time to appreciate all that’s been formed. 

She rushes to meet us with gifts of repose, 

Like the seventh prepares an octave in notes. 

She suspends the cycle before it resets, 

To help mind and body from all that besets. 

She’s leaving so soon but will be back later, 

Bringing blessings of peace from our Creator. 


We worship every day, not only the Sabbath! 

Besides Sunday is our day by reason of habit. 

In fact, Jesus is our rest, as per Hebrews 4!

Giving a day back to Him is being “under the law”. 

Making us rest is legalistic and mean!

And sabbath was refuted in Colossians 2:16. 

We don’t want this Jewish day. Go, take it with you!

We pray that our God will mercifully forgive you.

~Poet of Ephraim 

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