Introvert in Zion

What becomes of the introvert who lives in paradise?   For I’m surely the most socially awkward of all acolytes.  If they have no friends, do they live right on the perimeter?  If they can’t do ‘normal’ is there something extracurricular?   And though the feasts’ sound nice and are surely delicious,  I’ll probably feel more relaxedContinue reading “Introvert in Zion”

Incompetent Servant

How can I praise you Lord? All my words are unworthy, My tongue’s as rough as gravel, my inkpot deserts me. Generic, formulaic and pathetic on each element, My praise surely lost among the grandeur of the eloquent. Forgive me Lord, my heart seems foreign to my tongue, So my sacrifice is blemished and yourContinue reading “Incompetent Servant”

Under the Influence

You intoxicate me, I wander aimless like a drunkard, About to choke or burst from all the joy I’ve plundered. And if so, amen, for you’re my hopeful destination,  And I buckle to the fear of you exceeding expectation.  A spring dances tirelessly deep within my centre, The salve of eternal life and teacher ofContinue reading “Under the Influence”

The Morning Hope Left Me

My feet feel heavy, my hands looks redundant, The day is nondescript, the sunlight reluctant. Inevitability continues to pave my path smugly, She loves to remind me she won’t end abruptly.  My reflection’s just shapes, grey and contorted,  The night bled me dry as my dream was aborted, Reality’s a cold mistress, her compassion’s empty,Continue reading “The Morning Hope Left Me”

Majesty of Perception

A lone melody escapes the depths of darkness, The earth lies slain, the wind’s pulse heartless. Grand regiments of light march on unceasingly, But bow to the Majesty of Perception increasingly. A chorus builds hurriedly in harmonic dissonance, Green trembles shyly to pale blue’s impudence. Now all wait on edge for a glimpse of hisContinue reading “Majesty of Perception”

Stubborn Heart

The root of a tree supports the skyward branches, But knows not the wind or how sunshine answers. It refuses to budge and creeps without contrition,  And assumes its survival is the proof of nutrition. The crooked network’s entwined beyond reason, And that’s the way it’ll stay, regardless of season. Cut down its tree, youContinue reading “Stubborn Heart”

Hope in your Elohim

Why are you so distant from me, O Adonai? I’ve trusted and called upon your Name haven’t I? Don’t leave me like Saul for I’d be lost without you,  I feel lost right now… I don’t want to doubt you… Why are you so downcast, O my soul? Does your faith flee quickly as lifeContinue reading “Hope in your Elohim”

Crooked Little Branch

Crooked little branch in its private reach, Unable to learn and so unfit to teach. Shedding its leaves in the season of blossom, Unsightly, unkempt, unsynchronised begotten. Crooked little branch in his hopeful reaching, Slow in understanding and hasty in teaching. Naked of all strength whilst others are blossoming,  Mercifully upheld by the one whoContinue reading “Crooked Little Branch”

Tornado Alert

I’m rude and abrupt, I speak without grace,  A walking tornado wearing hate as a face. Pleasantries avoid me, I chase them away, But I’m fully justified in my own twisted way. I don’t do “friendly”, I don’t do “socials”, I don’t do meet-ups, catch-ups or phone calls, I don’t do life well, I don’tContinue reading “Tornado Alert”