Conspiracy Fear Ease

The lot of the cowards will fall to the gullible,The hive-minded who class query insufferable.Drowning their fear in a lake named Conspiracy,And justify the act in a regurgitated soliloquy.Ignorance perfected and the mockery’s ironic,Intelligence defective and defense histrionic.But nightmares will find those who never awake,And so will their fear when it returns from the lake.Continue reading “Conspiracy Fear Ease”

There’s a devil in the camp…

He looks like one of us, nothing about him is ominous, And nothing found in his words of deception is obvious. His shading over Scripture seems of trivial importance, But it finally cascades into paths of non-conformance. Since day one he allured us with glory by shortcuts, To divert faithfulness and justify acting lawless. HeContinue reading “There’s a devil in the camp…”

Nothing Remains Hidden

Dexterous deceiver, clawing each direction, Your victims left hollow or filled with infection. An eye on each angle to perfect fright or flight, But your evil trap will always confess to the light. Weaved lines soon become a complex structure, The tool of war used to enrapture and rupture. And you bolster it attentively, nightContinue reading “Nothing Remains Hidden”

Tears of Adam

Bloodstained souls and greed-soaked hearts,  Weigh life by the pound and purpose in charts.  Mutilation for filling full stomachs and pockets,  Degradation and torture, percentage and profits.  The tears of Adam fall as he drops to his knees,  His abusive sons wardens who masticate peace.  Scheming evil treatments and facilities of murder,  The commerce ofContinue reading “Tears of Adam”


Wise books hidden from the laity, as prophesied, Leaning on devotionals to keep their hearts occupied. They doubt the motives of scrolls that are ancient, With logical flaws and fears that are nascent. Their leatherbound idol is held as uncompromised, And so wisdom is hidden from them, as prophesied. But the learned understand that theContinue reading “Apokryptein”

Lost in Tradition

Eyes scaled over, the blight of short-sightedness, Holding the mirror but nothing to light it with. Admiring gems but only after endorsement, Refusing all outside the spiral of reinforcement. Deaf unto death to the wind and the earthquake, Risking infection over considering first aid. Forcing the tuner to the key of your song, Hearing whiteContinue reading “Lost in Tradition”

Natural Dancer

You can tell a natural dancer from a trained performer,  Even if the latter knows much more than the former.  Their rhythm’s innate and so each movement is truth,  And with wisdom they flow to however the music moves.  But the trained are limited to motions they’ve bought, And expression is bound in the patternsContinue reading “Natural Dancer”


The Forum-Christian’s “light” to the nations: Devoid of respect and wafer-thin patience. Rude to the atheist, snide to the believer, Either agree with them or be called a deceiver. They litter posts with every quote in their system And bark them without love, honour or wisdom.  How proudly they boast about their own salvation, ButContinue reading “Forum-Christians”

Many Will Say…

“Lord Lord! How we glorified you at our church service! D’ya hear our sermons about how your Law’s worthless? Have you seen our great love towards immorality? You must be so proud of our overseas charity! We’ve ensured your old anger’s kept safe undercover,  But as for Paul’s writings, may we have another? We upheldContinue reading “Many Will Say…”

Once Saved, Always Saved?

“Once you’ve uttered the prayer you’re saved whatever! You can now act entitled to your slice of forever! You can now be free whenever the Bible contradicts you, You can even blame the devil if the Spirit convicts you! God isn’t really bothered about you changing your ways, He just wants those magic words, soContinue reading “Once Saved, Always Saved?”

Views on the Sabbath

Gratitude The bride of the seven, forever adorned,  A time to appreciate all that’s been formed.  She rushes to meet us with gifts of repose,  Like the seventh prepares an octave in notes.  She suspends the cycle before it resets,  To help mind and body from all that besets.  She’s leaving so soon but willContinue reading “Views on the Sabbath”