Paul’s Retreat at Caesarea

He paces for days around his cell impatiently.   “I have so much to do! So many places to be!”  He pines for weeks at the sound of rolling waves.   “I’m wasting time whilst there’s so many to save” He prays for months, passionately and contrite.   “Who am I to help here? To whom should IContinue reading “Paul’s Retreat at Caesarea”

Movement of the Church

Prayers for the Temple, Torah mystics, Discounted lambs, Fasts masochistic, Truth polluted, worship selfish and proud,  So the people of Yah moved underground.  Prayers for buildings, theological misfits,  Sunday small-talk, weak tea and biscuits. Truth diluted, worship casual and unsound,  So the people of Yah move underground.  ~Poet of Ephraim 

Coded: Knight Team

Muzzled like dogs, it filters both ways,  Shown who to hate, told who to praise.  Walls of marionettes for the Rapine O’Cells,  Every relationship tried hard on the scales.  Seasons lost to cognitive dissonance,  Bounties on truth, parties for ignorance.  Blackmailed wings for badges of vanity,  Heat-changing colours of morals and sanity.  ~Poet of Ephraim

The Word (Secret Eden)

Your Word is a walled garden, an Eden for my soul, A land of treasure and serenity unfurled from a scroll. Wisdom blooms always, soothing with her fragrance, Promises tower, hope shades, joy ripe in the cadence. In here I find great rest as the green plains elucidate, Lifting me up as I lay down,Continue reading “The Word (Secret Eden)”


In the days of Jared, the Watchers descended, Their counsel at Hermon left Heaven offended. Bringing gifts of forbidden secrets they taught us, But taking our innocence, mothers and daughters,  Then came the Nephilim, their gigantic offspring, Who saw us as merely food and drink offerings. All creation wed corruption in a violent revolution,   ButContinue reading “Retribution”

Valley of Yahushaphat

The hyenas cackle over their bowl of bile, The pigs feast gladly on what’s wholly vile. The spiders web in bloodlust greed, The snakes crush the weak who plead. Corrupt! Corrupt are the sons of Adam!  Who laugh as sons of the wicked are fattened.  Both will prosper ’til the day they’re sentenced,  But inContinue reading “Valley of Yahushaphat”

Goshen 14/1

Pharaoh now stands when Moses is announced, Abraham’s El has remembered us and pounced! Seeing a blood river would’ve been enough for me, Still he resisted though in stiff-necked blasphemy. Over Goshen’s such peace and inside, cheering! Vigils alive with songs and old stories in hearing.  Eager to help, we paint doorposts with innocence, RejoicingContinue reading “Goshen 14/1”

That Morning at Sinai

I’ve hardly slept in two days and got a cleaning fixation,  At times I couldn’t even breathe because of anticipation. Will God really appear on top of that mountain?  Or will Moses say “No, because you all doubt Him!”  But this morning is different, the sky’s a strange colour,  All these dark clouds are encirclingContinue reading “That Morning at Sinai”

The Word (Water & Fire)

Your words surf through time and distil upon paper, Like the blessing of rain upon the faces of nature. Encompassing our lives like the seas to the islands, Bestilled for the meek but a flood for the tyrants. Your Word’s a blazing lamp, I see its burns in our past, Flames chewing up the kindlingContinue reading “The Word (Water & Fire)”

Khata & The Wayfarer of Night

Khata crouches at my door by the Wayfarer of Night, Who came singing songs of flattery, flirtation and fright. And whilst he sings in my voice as part of his illusion, Khata darkens the exit to force my conclusion. So I feed the Wayfarer and I get to star in his tale,  “The Serenade ofContinue reading “Khata & The Wayfarer of Night”

Justice & Mercy

There’s a Standard of Justice our Creator has made, But we all fall short of it, to some degree every day. These violations stack quickly and are never resolved, Until Judgment Day comes and we’ll pay with our soul. But there’s a Gift of Mercy our Creator has planned, He’ll write-off your violations before youContinue reading “Justice & Mercy”

Obedience in Creation

Consider the tree, how she rises with growth, Obeying the Sun as if bound by an oath. Consider the sea and his dance with the coast, A dutiful soldier, holding his post. Consider the luminaries silent conformance, A family faithful to a perfect performance. But not so with man! He makes up excuses And seesContinue reading “Obedience in Creation”

Mysterious Destiny of Doom

A chosen leaf is plucked and torn, A daisy falls in grass that’s shorn.   A wedding’s sealed, a glass is smashed, A candle lives and burns its wax. So it is in the realm of men, For those with doom laid out for them. Their wicked ways serve for a function, But woe awaits andContinue reading “Mysterious Destiny of Doom”

Stumbling Block

The stumbling block for Jews is Messiah’s first arrival, The stumbling block for Gentiles is Paul and the Bible. His letters cleverly reveal your inner heart’s condition By how you interpret all the ambiguity within them. If you respect Yahweh’s Law then Paul’s a confirmation, If you don’t, it’s like he starts a brand newContinue reading “Stumbling Block”

Burdensome Friend

My burdensome friend, harassing me daily, If I don’t watch you you’ll rush to betray me. Slipping open my secrets and my negativity, Never freely doing good unless it’s serendipity. My burdensome friend, when needed you’re silent, You hinder my kindness but help me be violent. All the pain we’ve caused, you’ll never hear itContinue reading “Burdensome Friend”