War Within

Though I want to be selfless and plan to do good,

Though I try to be obedient in every way I should,

He causes me to forget or feeds me excuses,

And talks of my weakness until I feel useless.

Though I need to walk righteously, living just and holy,

Though I crave for my mind to be filled with good only,

He distracts me with follies and vain temptations, 

And praises my pride and my earthly sensations.


Though I want to be comforted and plan to live quiet,

Though I try to obey my needs whenever they’re desired,

He forces me to stop or feeds me with Scripture,

Says I’m already dead, like I don’t get the picture!

Though I need to walk my way and live a life of pleasure,

Though I crave to indulge in vices without measure,

He distracts me with mysteries and heavenly thoughts,

And shames my natural reactions and witty retorts!

~Poet of Ephraim

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